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  • What’s Poppin y’all. I have a lot of stuff coming soon for you guys. I know y’all gonna enjoy it all 😎

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    Shoutout to Destini Jones, Sr. for being this week’s Fan of tha Week!

    *You too, want to be fan of the week?*

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    you must join Tha […]

  • Tha True Showtime posted an update 12 months ago

    Whats good ya’ll? Its yo boy, yo favorite real nigga Tha True Showtime. I wanna thank all ya’ll for being apart of something epic!!!!!

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  • Music artist, Tha True Showtime, buys his first car today on November 22, 2016.

    “This one of the most proud moments of my life. I went through a lot to accomplish this, which makes tall the sweeter. Shoutout to […]

  • Park at the Marketplace claim to have filed and evicted young artist, Showtime. They said he had been having trouble paying the rent for the apartment for quite some time. He was supposed to have had a […]

  • Atlanta rapper and singer, changes name from Showtime to Tha True Showtime. Why is the question.

    “Why not should be the question”, he joked. “I changed it to that because it’s so many Showtime(s) and I felt like […]

  • We have Showtime back on “What’s Poppin”. We all want to know what inspired the re-birth of Tha Hurt. 

    “It was inspired by my right-hand man, mentor, producer, Tommi Valentino. He actually gave me the idea to e […]

  • The star is back on his feet and he did it in a timely manner! What better birthday present to yourself than the keys to a brand new apartment at Princeton Lakes on Camp Creek Parkway!!!! How do you feel about […]

  • Hip-Hop’s music sensation, Showtime, has been arrested on March 18, 2017. He was charged with Possession of Marijuana w/ Intent to Distribution, Forgery in the Second Degree, Impeding Traffic Flow, Texting While […]

  • Showtime’s intermission comes to an end with the re-birth of Tha Hurt. The music star is set to release Tha Hurt [Reloaded] as a mixtape, on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Showtime Shopping, and much more! […]

  • “I want to personally thank everybody for their support and prayers. I am more than ecstatic to announce that my mom’s surgery went well and she is on her way up with a speedy recovery. Once again I am so thankful […]

  • Showtime is on a business rampage. His entrepreneurial spirit seems to grow by the minute. His mind has been sharp since the beginning of his career and is continuing to become sharper. Starting with his record […]

  • “This is your boy Showtime speaking. I just wanted to take the time out to let you guys know about my new clothing/fashion line: Show’d Up. Listen, it’s fresh, hot, will have you styling and profiling amongst y […]

  • Showtime’s business venture continues with the construction of his new online shopping store, Showtime Shopping. The store will feature clothing, shoes, electronics, mobile accessories, music, and much more! The […]

  • Every session Showtime have done with Tommi Valentino at i7 Records [a recording studio in Atlanta, GA], he leaves better than he came in he proclaims, but today was a very special day. Tommi taught him how to mix […]

  • Showtime’s focus on business is razor sharp right now. He has set up new checking, savings, retirement, investments and business accounts with BoA [Bank of America]. He has everything locked and loaded with the […]

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