Tha True Team

Tha True Team [#ThaTrueTeam] is my official fan club page and a community of my followers, supporters, & fans where they can interact with fellow members from around the globe, save on deals for merchandise, stream and download music & videos, win and/or receive prizes & discounts, see exclusive footage, watch tv shows produced by me [Showtime], and be apart of tha growth in my career every step of tha way. This feature is now available as a subscription.  I thank all you guys for tha love and support. Be sure to check tha site daily for new features, upgrades, and updates to tha site. “and Remember it’s so many Showtime(s), but I am Tha True!”
*Fan Club Engagement Ability
*MyCred Ability
*Chance to win 2 Free Tickets to any show
*Chance to win 2 Backstage Passes to any show
*Chance to win 2 VIP Access Passes to any event
*Chance to win Free Merchandise
*10% Discountoff ALL products in the shop until you cancel your membership
*Fan of tha Week Nomination
*Download Tha True Team mobile app for FREE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              *Be tha First to get NEW Music, Content, & Updates with Drip Content

$1.99/ mo.
$4.99/3 mo.
$8.49/6 mo.