Mama Show Diagnosed With Ovarian Cancer

Mama Show Diagnosed With Ovarian Cancer

02/03/2016 0 By Tha True Showtime

One of the worst things for anyone to hear is that someone they love much have cancer. On February 3rd of 2016, Showtime had to hear those fatal words from his mom. Almost a month after putting the break rumors to rest, this happens. He seemed to have dealt with the news quite easily. As he gave his mom a preppy, up-spirited talk. We gave him his space before we went forth to question him and here’s what he had to say…..

To all my fans, business partners, family members, associates, and friends: We are in a time where we [my family] needs the support and love of everyone. My mom have recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. There is hope for a simple surgery and a speedy recovery. All I ask is for you all to keep us in your prayers.

Just one question before you go and only because you were so calm, how did it feel when you heard those words?, I asked.

It really did hurt, but at the time I knew my mama was already hurting and worrying enough. She needed somebody to be strong for her like she had always been for me when I was sick, hurting, afraid, or worried. It’s just my time to return the favor. I know my mama is a strong woman and she never really let anything get her down. She’s fighter and she WILL beat this thing“, he said.

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