Show’d Up Grows With Tha Shoe Line: Gold Carpets

Show’d Up Grows With Tha Shoe Line: Gold Carpets

05/15/2016 0 By Tha True Showtime

Showtime is on a business rampage. His entrepreneurial spirit seems to grow by the minute. His mind has been sharp since the beginning of his career and is continuing to become sharper. Starting with his record label, Showtime Entertainment Records, now known as Str Pwr Records,  to recording and releasing his music, to his investment in recording studio, i7 Records, to owning his own publishing company, Showtime Entertainment Publishings, now known as Str Pwr Publishings to his online shopping store, Showtime Shopping, to his new fashion line, Show’d Up, and now he has a shoe line called Gold Carpets. This kid is really unbelievable! What is the fuel to his drive? What more can he do? What can he not do is the question!?!

So Show, a little bit over a month to two months ago, You said you were taking a break from the music scene to take care of some important business tasks?“, I asked.

Yea you’re right.“, replied Showtime.

Tell me how you get to these shoes. Cause they are fire.

I got the idea for the shoes from my clothing line. I already got a clothing line, why not create shoes to match the clothes or vice versa. My inspiration for designing started my senior year of high school when Nike came out with NikeID, which gave consumers the opportunity to design their own cleats. So I designed a home and an away pair for my high school team. Everybody fell in love with them. My teammates, my classmates were lit, lol. So after that I designed all my athletic gear. My shorts, shirt, workout gear, etc. It was a way for me to continue trademarking and promoting my name/brand, Showtime. I even had custom everything when I played football at Tuskegee University. So I can really thank my mom for the inspiration. I knew I always had an interest in designing because I wanted to design my dream house and Architecture was my major at Skegee. I’m just happy I’m able to use all my talents.

So how many designs do you have of Gold Carpets?

I have so many man. I can’t even count. I have a classic look similar to the world famous, Chuck Taylor, which you’ve previously looked at. Then, I have another shoe that looks similar to your Air Force Ones with the strap. I also have a slip on shoe like Vans. I also have a casual shoe like your Sperry’s. I have a shoe that I feel like will be my top seller because it has a very unique style I invented myself, that i’m not revealing at this time, lol. Sorry guys. Ya’ll gotta wait for that one. I am in the process of designing some fashion boots too.

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I love these personally. I might end up purchasing a pair of each style. Are there any for the women? I had to ask because we all know you’re a ladies man.

Yea, you know I couldn’t leave out the most beautiful creation of God. I have some stiletto boots, striped heels, some cloth boots are on the way as well. Just to name a few. I’m still designing for them as we speak.

2016-07-06 13_27_08-Website Builder ‎- Microsoft Edge gold carpets heelsDescribe the quality of the shoes for us.

The shoes are hand-made in Italy with premium pristine Italian leather, suede, and canvas with cutting edge designs to make every shoe feel comfortable and personable.

What????? They are hand-made in Italy??? That’s unbelievable!

Yea. It gives each shoe a personal touch. I wanted something authentic. A brand where people can feel like themselves in and wear they favorite style and earn cool points for doing so.

Well, you’re certainly succeeding with that mission. I can tell you that. Thanks for stopping by [What’s Poppin’].

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