Showtime Brings In 2016 With a Banging Performance!

Showtime’s 2016 New Year Eve show was more than exciting! More than amazing! More than incredible! It was more than what the fans could ask for! The show promoter for the adult club, Diamonds of Atlanta [DOA], gave him the opportunity to bring the house down and he did just that. The crowd was so into the show. They were rocking and dancing to the songs. Even the adult entertainers were dancing enthusiastically! You could blatantly see that they were enjoying the music themselves. The crowd enjoyed the performance so much that at the end of Showtime’s set, they erupted into a roar. It was a mixture of sounds with applause and pain because they wanted more! It was one of the times where you had to be there to believe it. We caught up with Showtime after the show and spoke with him about what transpired at DOA and here’s what he had to say:

I just want to thank God for the opportunities and guiding to me a career that I never thought I would have. I also want to thank @BigPulu for inviting to perform at the event.Diamonds of Atlanta for hosting it. [AndBelaire Brut for the supplying the champagne. It’s really a blessing that my fans and even the people who weren’t my fans before the show really appreciate and enjoy my music. The feeling of being on stage performing and looking out into the audience and seeing people dance, rocking, bobbing, reciting the lyrics to your songs feels like scoring a touchdown on the football field. [And] Then seeing them reacting to you leaving the stage, because they want more is like a dream come true. I can honestly say I feel like I brought in the New Year the right way and to be able to celebrate my hard work from last year with my day one fans, supporters, and friends meant a lot. I came a very long way to get to this point and this is only the beginning. Once again I can not say how humble I am to add this experience to my life’s history.

If you missed this show, YOU MUST GO TO THE NEXT ONE! Follow Showtime on all social media at [thatrueshowtime] and join his fan club #ThaTrueTeam by subscribing to his website to stay current on all events.

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