Showtime Goes To Jail

Hip-Hop’s music sensation, Showtime, has been arrested on March 18, 2017. He was charged with Possession of Marijuana w/ Intent to Distribution, Forgery in the Second Degree, Impeding Traffic Flow, Texting While Driving, and Failure to Maintain Lane. Show was booked into Cobb County Detention Center early that morning at 3:10 am. He was then released 2 days later on bond. We met up with him the night of his release and he released this statement:

I don’t mean to blow y’all off, but this is not the time for an interview. At this moment I have a lot going on and that I have to think about. All I can say is, I’m glad I am out. Shout out to my engineer/producer, Tommi Valentino, for bonding me out and those of you who helped with the process. I know who’s really for me and I know who’s not. I just been notified that I am being kicked out of my mama house by mama and step-father. So I’m under intense pressure at the moment. When I get things under control, I will then do an interview to explain what happen and what’s going on. At this moment to my understanding I won’t have a court date until a year or a year and a half from now. I have Criminal Defense Attorney, Steve Cook, working on the case. Thank you and have a blessed night.

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