Showtime Takes Break From The Music Scene!?!!?!?

Showtime Takes Break From The Music Scene!?!!?!?

01/05/2016 0 By Tha True Showtime


Rumors of the rising star, Showtime, deciding to take an intermission from the music scene were wildly spreading around the media. So we had to take the time out to get to the bottom of this. So many questions we have for this kid, who have so much talent and a promising future that seemed to be heading in the right direction. We contacted him and asked would he speak with us and he replied, “yea“.

You know what I’m going to ask you right?, I said.

Showtime replied,”yea I do (with a chuckle).”

So explain these rumors!

Well the rumors are true. I have decided to take a break from the music world“, said Showtime.

Wowwwwwww! Why so early in your career?

I needed to take a break to really focus on the business side of things. I actually could’ve been bigger than what I am today if I had everything situated prior to dropping my music. I missed out on a lot of opportunities, money, networks, and etc. I also had to put my label, Showtime Entertainment Records, on a brief stand still as well. You never know how important business really is until you lose out things that you deserve to have. Especially could have changed your life for the better“, replied Showtime.

How did you learn about the things that you were missing?

From the industry itself. The deeper I got into it, the more I started to see. The more my network grew, the more questions were asked, like do you have this or that. My mentor and engineer, Tommi Valentino of i7 Records, brought a lot of things to my attention. So I definitely have a lot of work to do“, Showtime answered.

How long do you think it will take?

I don’t know an exact time frame, but I know for certain however long it takes.

Thanks for all your time, Show. Looking forward to seeing you on the stage again and good luck on all your endeavors.

Don’t mention it, man. It’s always a pleasure. [and remember] It’s so many Showtime(s), but I am Tha True!).”

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