Showtime’s Focus On Business

Showtime’s Focus On Business

03/12/2016 0 By Tha True Showtime

Showtime’s focus on business is razor sharp right now. He has set up new checking, savings, retirement, investments and business accounts with BoA [Bank of America]. He has everything locked and loaded with the IRS. But the biggest news of it all is he has his own publishing company!?!?!!!! What!?!?!?!?!! When he said he was going to get the business conquered, he meant it and he’s doing it in record time. I wondered how he felt accomplishing his tasks at hand. So I called him up and asked him.

It feels great man. I’m on my way up. It’s a long road, but I’m just taking it one step at a time. The hardest part was determining the priority list, lol. When that struggle was over, it was go time“, He said.

What created the thought to go forth and own your own publishing company?, I asked.

Well, I needed to register my work with ASCAP, but I couldn’t because I didn’t have a publisher. Second, I heard a song by The-Dream called [February Love] and it was bar where he sang “Don’t own your own publishing, hell naw you don’t have more money than me.” Third, I needed it for my label in general. So it was only right. I might be the first artist coming into the industry owning 100% everything, lol.

That would be an amazing feat, if it is true.

I’m saying though,” as he laughed. “Well let me get back to this chicken before I burn it, hahahaha.

Yes sir, lol. Thanks again for your time.

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