Tha Rebirth of Tha Hurt

Tha Rebirth of Tha Hurt

07/15/2016 0 By Tha True Showtime

Showtime’s intermission comes to an end with the re-birth of Tha Hurt. The music star is set to release Tha Hurt [Reloaded] as a mixtape, on Apple MusicSpotifyAmazonShowtime Shopping, and much more!

What’s poppin, Show?” I asked.

Tha Hurt [Reloaded] is what’s poppin’, lol“, Showtime answered. “Tha Hurt [Reloaded] is like a re-birth or more so my official entrance into the music industry. This time around I’m getting everything I miss the first time. I’m actually putting forth my efforts to create my own opportunities, instead of waiting on some one else to. I’m putting my own money behind my creation to reach an even bigger audience with the hope of them becoming new supporters of my career. It will be available everywhere. I’m also dropping music videos from this project. I know my fans have been waiting for them too. I also have a special surprise for them too.

[and he gets up, skipping out in celebration], lol

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