The Untold Story of Tha Hurt [Mixtape]

The Untold Story of Tha Hurt [Mixtape]

12/14/2015 0 By Tha True Showtime

Tha Hurt (Mixtape Cover) 500 x 500

We set down with Atlanta’s new rising star, Showtime, and we couldn’t believed what we discovered during our conversation. His debut mixtape [Tha Hurt] would be written two years ago on January 10th. We also found out how it all started.


[Tha Hurt] came about at the beginning of my second semester at Tuskegee University. We were just getting back from our holiday break, so I didn’t have much to do. One night, I was up playing some NCAA 12 and heard a lot of noise coming from my football teammate, Kevin Slayton aka Gotti, room. I was already slick bored and decided to check it out. He opened the door and almost everybody was in there. It was a couple people that I knew and a couple I didn’t, but they were cool. They told me they were freestyling and recording on Gotti’s laptop studio. After the cypher went on for a while, I was like I’ma do a little something. So, I started freestyling. Of course, I can’t remember what I said, but everybody was ecstatic. The whole room went crazy. They all were like we didn’t know you could rap. I was like I can do a little something. Then Gotti, started playing random beats and I would freestyle to them. Everybody was like Show, you need to record that. I was like ight cool. I put them headphones on and he played that beat to [Come Wit It] and I just went off. I freestyled that whole song. It was the first song I ever recorded and I didn’t even have to write it. Then he played the beat to [Gravy] and I came up with the hook right there on the spot. Everybody loved it.

Show you need to do a mixtape“, they suggested. So after everybody left, we went through and picked out all the beats to [Tha Hurt]. He emailed them to me that same night and I started writing to them immediately. I recorded about 7 tracks of the mixtape. The quality wasn’t that good, but the campus was still playing and enjoying them anyway. I heard my music being played throughout the dorms on campus and everything. I never finished the mixtape completely while I was at Skegee [Tuskegee University] though. When I fully dedicated myself to music about a year ago on October 27th of 2014, I re-recorded, re-mixed, and re-mastered everything a large number of times to get the quality as close to industry standard as I could. During that process, I taught myself how to mix, engineer, and master my music. Gotti influenced me to get my own at-home studio which encouraged me to learn how to better my music. I also featured him on the original copy of [I’ll Take Yo Bitch], but the quality wasn’t good enough for releasing and I lost contact with him so I couldn’t get him to redo his verse on it. [and] it sucks because he really killed it too! I didn’t have a feature on any of my songs until April 2014, when I met Rico, JP Rello, and Flex in Atlanta after my mama kicked me out for having my ex over the night/morning of my 22nd birthday. I was working on a couple tracks that night. Just cooling and engineering a couple of tracks and everybody in the room was freestyling. I heard JP Rello rapping a verse that he wrote a long time ago and I was like aye rap it to this. I recorded him to [Fuck Nigga] and it went so well with the song. We were all hype and crunk. Then I thought mmmmmmhhhh…. I pulled up my [Gravy] project file, played the hook, and Rico went straight off the dome [top of the head]. He went so hard on the track, I was like OMG! Flex had just got off of work, so he caught him a little nap while Rico did his thang. We woke him up out his sleep and told him to hop on. I started it in the same spot I started Rico’s and boyyyyyyy we made a hit lol! That session was magical. To be honest, those three are probably the Top 3 most talented artists I have ever met. Then about 2-3 months ago I decided to put J Shirel on the [Like Water (Remix)]. A lot of dudes wanted to hop on it, but I wanted a female to give it that woman’s touch, which was the icing on the cake. I already had a few tracks from a couple of artists that I knew and worked with, such as Esklusive Gang, Neciy Locc, and Scotty Barz. I felt great about it going into the release stage. I knew it was highly anticipated from my peers at Skegee [Tuskegee University], which is where my music career really began. So knowing that it was only right to finish and release this mixtape first.

Wow! It looks like everything happened with coincidentally or maybe… with a purpose.?.? How would you describe the way those events occurred?

Well, first off I believe in God. I feel that he has the steps in my life ordered. I follow and trust in him completely. Even all the way down to how I got the name of the mixtape. At Tuskegee, I had two bestfriends, named Bobby and Carter. I met them at summer camp with the football team. We had this phrase for when anything went bad or sounded bad, we would say, “That’s Tha Hurt“.

One day we were in their dorm room listening to what I had recorded and they asked, “What you going to call it, Show?I was like I don’t know. They were like you should call it, “Tha Hurt” and ever since then it was [Tha Hurt] lol. We even came up with the next 5 mixtapes’ names in sequel to [Tha Hurt] too lol, but it was all out of our lingo.

It’s amazing how everything came together. Your friends were very influential with your creation.

Yep. I feel that God talks to you through other people sometimes. I was hard-headed at first and didn’t want to listen most of the time, but at some point, you’re going get tired of having to go through so much or making your life harder for no reason.

Young, talented, and wise. I’m sure you’ve gained quite a few fans today ! I enjoyed talking to you and looking forward to covering you throughout your music career.

Thank you and anytime. I really appreciate all the love and support.

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