Tommi Valentino Adds New Skill To Showtime’s Arsenal

Every session Showtime have done with Tommi Valentino at i7 Records [a recording studio in Atlanta, GA], he leaves better than he came in he proclaims, but today was a very special day. Tommi taught him how to mix and master his tracks to give it that professional sound. Show was more astounded at how simple and small the tweaks were. He immediately went home to practice and master the secret to creating industry quality music.

Sometimes I wonder what would I do without Tommi. Not only did he improve my talents as a music artist, but also my engineering skills. When you talk about a guy who supports and believes in you, you have to mention his name. He’s truly a blessing and I am more than grateful to have him on my team, said Showtime.

Book your studio session with Tommi Valentino today at (470)-258-0888! Don’t forget to join #ThaTrueTeam and follow Showtime on all social media outlets at [thatrueshowtime].

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