Tommi Valentino: Tha Influencer of Tha Hurt [Reloaded]

Tommi Valentino: Tha Influencer of Tha Hurt [Reloaded]

04/07/2017 0 By Tha True Showtime

We have Showtime back on “What’s Poppin“. We all want to know what inspired the re-birth of Tha Hurt

It was inspired by my right-hand man, mentor, producer, Tommi Valentino. He actually gave me the idea to emerge in my intermission from the music during the Artist Development Course he put me through with himself.  Tommi always saw the potential in me from day one. He quickly began to polish the diamond in the rough by showing and teaching me techniques that the Greats were and are currently using. Even contributed to the realization of the things that I was unknowingly doing. It felt good to actually hear what my fans were and want to hear from me. In return, I am a much better artist then I was when I first released Tha Hurt. Even my talents as an engineer and producer have escalated. To me it is a re-birth of the new and improved Showtime.

Wow! I see Tommi had a lot to do with your improvement. What was it like when you first met him?

For some odd reason it felt as if he already knew me. He immediately started telling me about myself without even knowing my name, if I did music or not; nothing. Kinda feel like our relationship was meant to be.

You mentioned mentor when it came to his name. Is it also a personal relationship with him?

Yea it is. I value his opinion or thought in my personal life as well. I’m a very strong man, and some times I get down in my spirit or need someone to talk to and he’s always been there. From when my parents kicked me out, left me in jail, didn’t believe or support me in my music career at all, my different relationships with my exes, etc. When I needed some guidance or a helping hand he never hesitated to be there. Which is something that I never had. I didn’t and don’t have many friends that ever been a “true friend” in that nature. Even signed my bond to get me out of jail back in March.

You right, Show. You don’t find too many people that genuinely cares about the well-being of those that they deal with. Why the name, Tha Hurt [Reloaded]?”

The reason I named my rebirth, Tha Hurt [Reloaded], because it’s my original content, but I’m integrating all my recent foundings and new skill set with the content to elevate what the people truly want from me: an industry quality sound that only I can produce. Which is why I’m releasing it under my new alias Tha True Showtime.”

Tha True Showtime!?!?!?! New Alias?!?!?!?!!! This is too much breaking news.

I know, lol and I’m gone man.

Well ladies and gentlemen you heard it here first. 

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